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Advance Martial Arts Academy provides training in Goju-Ryu Karate in the "Gojukensha" style developed by the late Ohtsuka Tadahiko Hanshi.
Tai Chi is also taught under the banner of Advance Martial Arts Academy at various venues around Victoria.

Headed by Gary Jackson (Shihan) and a staff of highly dedicated Instuctors, this is a rare and unique opportunity to train in a traditional style of Karate in Australia.

We believe that sharing knowledge is important to keep the principles and ideals of our art and martial arts in general alive, and provide these snippets for free.




Our mission at Goju-ryu Australia is providing life long skills and personal development, through a professional and caring instruction in the traditional art of Goju-ryu karate.

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Training curriculum

We provide our training curriculum to build confidence to advance forward gradually through small goals to suit the skill level of each student.

We guarantee our classes will encourage independence, character development, discipline, confidence and healthy lifestyles.





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Shihan Gary Jackson (5th Dan)  

Ph. 0407 855 344
Shihan Jackson is the Head Instructor of Goju Ryu Australia and Advance Martial Arts Academy.

Conducts Karate classes at Alexandra, Mansfield, Kinglake, Yea, Eltham and Craigieburn

Conducts Tai Chi classes at Toorak, Malvern, Yea, Whittlesea and Kilmore.


Sensei Cameron Adrain   

Ph. 0437 649 058

Conducts Karate and Tai Chi classes at Mernda Dojo


Sensei Joseph Xuereb   

Ph. 0421 416 009

Conducts Karate classes at Sunbury dojo


Sensei Rod Peters   

Ph. 0417 381 809

Conducts Karate classes at Mulwala NSW


Sensei Darren Sampson   

Ph. 0421 416 009

Conducts Karate and Tai Chi classes at Yarrawonga and Cobram


Sensei Darryl Davis   

Ph. 0434 511 049

Conducts Karate and Tai Chi classes at Mandurah Perth